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VICTOR RIBAS ART смотреть работы

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Important Information for collectors

Price of the artworks is depend from numbers of prints + manufacturing costs:

Big size- ed. 1/5+2 ----- = €4000
Middle size- ed. 1/10 -- = €2000
30 x 45 cm - ed. 1/10--- = €1000
Less than 30x45 cm. -- = €300 -ed.- 1/20
20x30 cm.- unlim.ed. -- = €200
e-publish -1500x1000 - = €50

Artwork consist author's sign at face and back side, numbers of ltd.editions, date of creating.
The price is valid for sales through an art dealer or gallery.
The curent price depends on belonging to those stored in famous collections and art collections.
Those wishing to purchase works at a low price can follow the factor of seasonal and holiday sale

 new artworks

Panoramic photography
Views of Jerusalem

"Foremothers and Forefathers"